Monday, March 05, 2007

You have permission...

... to add comments now, even if you're not a member of the blogerati. I discovered that I can enable some limited spam-bot countermeasures, so I figured I'd remove the cliquey restrictions and let anyway say what they please. I'm thinking of opening this blog up to a wider audience soon, so it seemed like a good move. Gotta let the adoring masses vent their affection for me sometime, right?

I got to spend a little time with my brother Scott from Germany this week, which was great. Must never forget the importance of family! Assuming they're not assholes, of which I've thankfully been entirely spared. We talked about this whole music thing I'm doing, and he expressed some concern about hosting whole songs online in a publicly accessible way- something I've been wondering about too. Now that I'm making some progress on actually finishing a thing or two, I need to figure out how timid I want to be about sharing things with the world. A big part of me just wants to get stuff heard (or will at least eventually want that once things are up to snuff- see previous post), but I understand the inherent problems with that approach for future prospects too: after all, what would I do if Timbaland just happened to stumble by? Or Daft Punk for that matter?

OK, I'm probably getting a little ahead of myself here, but it's better to think about these things early, right?

The solution I'm thinking of implementing is a top-secret "dump" of my stuff that only people who know me can access. So instead of posting clips here, I'd just say something like "new clip up in the top-secret 'dump' that only people who know me can access!" And then people who know me would presumably also know where that top-secret "dump" was. I guess I might want to reconsider calling it a "dump"... the eight year old in me finds that way too amusing. How about reverting to my roots in CS and going with "repository"? Or maybe I'm worrying way too much about the insignificant.

Anyway, I think that from now on I'll try the repository approach. If you want to know where it is, send me an email- I'll respond with the first in a diabolical series of clues, each more cunning than the last, that after much struggle and tribulation will culminate in your triumphant discovery of a veritable tin mine of half finished, under-equalized, and over-thought ngs. That's "songs" with the first couple of letters missing, get it? I know, sometimes I can't believe how clever I am either. Though I suspect my Vietnamese friends might have something else to say about that.

Weog, out.


Sowmya said...
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Trey Francisco said...

Dude just slap some Creative Commons stuff on the blog and your songs will be okay! There is a low risk of anyone stealing them right now... The bigger risk is missing out on feedback from those that have heard them.

Arianna said...

I'm too tired to e-mail for clues. I want access to the super-secret crime lab!