Friday, March 09, 2007

Inspiration, In Short

Just a quick post before bed to mention a few tracks I've felt inspired by recently. There's no theme to them, but these are all songs I would have been proud to have written, and something to aspire to certainly, though I doubt I'll be writing anything like them anytime soon.

The first is a track off of Seba & Paradox's mix "Beats Me." I haven't bothered to go in and figure out the name of it, but it has a beautiful little breakdown that is somehow just right. The little warbly pitched stab that starts each phrase is perfect, and it has good use of vocal samples too.


There's actually another song on that mix that practically made me cry a couple of days ago, but I attribute that in part to a delicate emotional state at the time. It's another really beautiful track though, and I can look it up if anyone's interested.

The second clip is by an artist I just stumbled upon somehow, Regina Spektor. Apparently this song was actually pretty popular, but I hadn't heard it before. The chorus is great, and I really like her voice. It's definitely pop, but it doesn't feel fake to me, which is a nice change of pace.

Clip (youtube)

Finally, this guy Trentemoller, who I'd heard some electro house stuff from before, has a relatively new album called "The Last Resort" that I started listening to recently. It's a great example of sound design and song progression, not to mention variety from song to song. You can hear a couple of things on his myspace page, in particular the track "Take me into your skin":


Lots more obviously, but for some reason I wanted to get those out there. If I work hard maybe someday I'll inspire someone with my own work! I can't think of a better goal.

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