Thursday, March 01, 2007

... And The Return

Another long hiatus, this time due to preparation and execution of my brother Eric's wedding! Hmm, I think I worded that in a kind of morbid sounding way. Anyhow, it all went down last Friday in Los Angeles, with a rehearsal dinner and fondue extravaganza the Thursday prior. I could write a lot about it, but suffice to say it was probably the most appropriate and genuine wedding ceremony I could have imagined. It was truly special, and I'm honored to have been a part of it.

"Real life" reported, it's back to the issue at hand! I've been making some serious progress on a couple of new projects, but I'm not going to post clips right now because there's still a lot of work to be done, and what's the point of giving it all away early? I'm happy that one of these new projects is shaping up into a real song pretty quickly, which is something of an unusual occurrence for me. I decided to let go of my worries about "proper" structure, and just it flow- and it worked! I've been going pretty much two full days on it now, but when I get sick of working on it there's always plenty of other unfinished stuff to take up the slack. Overall, I'm feeling productive which is definitely nice.

In other news, tomorrow night I'm volunteering at an SPCA fundraiser- the "Bark and Whine" ball, which is basically a black-tie dinner to which the guests all bring their dogs. Sounds like a good time, definitely.

Last but not least, I'm finally scheduled to get my TB test next Monday so that I'll be able to start work at Project Open Hand next weekend if I'm lucky. It's about time! I'm sometimes amazed at how much lead time is required for these volunteer things. Guess they've gotta weed out the lame-os though, right?

More soon!

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