Thursday, May 10, 2007

Strike Two

I'm not much in the mood to write, but I AM in the mood to announce the birth of another full track! Without further ado, then:

A Collected Man

You might recognize the first part from one of the clips I posted a while ago. Hope you like it.

Oh, and for anyone that's interested: I encode all public MP3s at a relatively low VBR setting, which normally works fine... for this track though, I can hear a distinct difference in quality between the compressed and uncompressed versions. If anyone would like a higher-bitrate encoding just shoot me an email and I'll send one right over.


Michael said...

Wow! The first two minutes of this track are no-holds-barred awesome. Great use of samples, kick-ass beats, all of it. I have to say though, I felt like I was just getting into it when the breakdown started, and the eight seconds of near-silence contained therein was a little much for me.

The second part (after the breakdown) is almost as awesome as the first, but again I felt like it ended just when I was getting into it. I think I have musical blue balls. (Blues balls?)

Of course these things are a matter of personal taste, but I'd love to hear the parts with the beats be twice as long, and the radio and rain samples left out.

You know, I think if you wrote a 45-60 minute long "track" and called it an album, it would be amazing. You could decide where the track boundaries went later, after you were done.

Sarah said...

I agree with Michael, especially because (aside from the blue balls thing) he said much more eloquently what I first thought, which went something like "Oooh! I like the drums! wait... where are the drums?... Oh yay! the drums are back!"

But you don't need ME to keep telling you you're awesome.

John Brian said...

Thanks for the comments both of you! They pretty much mirror the worries that I was having about the track as I was putting it together- that it establishes something but keeps switching away before that something can really work itself out.

I'm going to consider the posted file a "version," and do some more work on it soon. Iterative development, right?

Oh and Michael, I've actually thought about doing exactly that- one long thing that has track markers TBD. I'm a little worried that that'd just play to my weaknesses though (maintaining focus throughout a track) instead of helping me improve. Maybe for my sophomore effort =).