Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Erykah Badu - "Southern Gul" (Nonagon remix)

The last couple of months have been marked by a series of transitions in my personal life, among them an aborted move to a new apartment that forced most of my studio gear into storage through April. Thanks to the kindness of friends, though, I've never been for want of a roof over my head, and I've managed to commandeer a corner of a living room table to put together a functional studio lite. Results below:

Erykah Badu - Southern Gul (Nonagon remix) by nonagon

Like all of my hip hop remixes, this is an entirely new instrumental written to the contours of the existing acapella. Unlike most of my remixes, however, major components of the instrumental for this track actually started out in another song, "Shadowless" which I wrote in collaboration with Angie and Adam Donkin a couple of years ago:

Nonagon - Shadowless by LoveTech2011Comp

It was during preparation for a show last year that I discovered that the Erykah Badu acapella worked well with the pads from Shadowless and the beat from another track I was working on. I've been playing versions of this remix live for many months since, so it seemed like a good project to formalize and release while the studio was in survival mode.

For anyone interested in the production side of the coin, here's an overview of the project in Ableton Live:

Special thanks to Exkclamation for the MP3 cover art!

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