Tuesday, March 01, 2011

RPM Challenge: Finished!

Quick recap: I wrote an album entirely in the month of February as part of the RPM Challenge.  And here it is:

Nonagon - Verdigris [Aug 2012 release]

UPDATE: After a year and a half of good intentions, I've touched-up and tweaked (and in the case of "8.0" largely reworked) the original nine tracks from the album and had them professionally mastered by my trusted go-to Chris Leary at Melograf Mastering. The resulting "official" version is now hosted on Bandcamp, and is no longer a free download.

That said, if any reader of this blog would like to have a copy but would rather not go through the process of entering credit card info, I'm happy to send a free download code your way- just shoot me a message.

One of the nine tracks for your streaming pleasure:
Cipher Test by nonagon


Jen said...

Makes studying for Boards so much less painful. Thank you for sharing John Brian

Adventure Person said...

Great stuff!

John Brian said...

Thanks to both of you for listening!