Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Faint Of Heart

Last night I got a bloody nose. Could be that I've been watching too much Dexter, but once I got to the bathroom I decided to let it bleed a little. There's something simultaneously fascinating and repulsive about this photo of the aftermath. The intimacy of the medium in particular has a really visceral impact on me.

My apologies to the squeamish!


Kyle said...

Huh, really rather beautiful and gross even for someone whose blood it isn't.

Sowmya said...

It is indeed a beautiful image. Perhaps the cover for your next CD?

Also, I think I should look at this once a day to get over my squeamishness at the sight of blood.

Hip E. said...

Dude that's a great photo. I say that as an amateur photographer and as someone you've recently stabbed with a knife sharpener.

Kevin said...

Does this happen often?