Thursday, June 07, 2007

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

It's a man's world! Sex machine! Get up offa that thang!

Sorry, couldn't help myself- blame the other JB.

Though I'm not feeling much like a potato, there have been some big changes 'round these parts. After much uncertainty and delay, I finally made a significant life change late last week- I've left my long-time home on Fell St in favor of more "intimate" accommodations in the Mission. Thanks to my friend (and now flatmate) Cramer's penchant for taking out mortgages, I've downsized from a four- to a two-bedroom apartment, and so far it's been exactly what I'd hoped it would be.

It took a whole lot of painting, carrying, organizing, and related activities (with the diligent assistance of Jess and the aforementioned Cramer), but the bedroom is mostly in order, and there's food in the pantry to keep us fed. Perhaps most importantly though, the studio is now functional.

And no, when I say "studio" I don't mean half of my bedroom- I mean "the studio," aka the entirely separate downstairs room (with separate door) that has now been converted into my little music-making paradise. Yeah, that studio.

I'm no longer a bedroom producer! Not in the literal sense anyway. Now I have a place where I can be loud well into the wee hours of the afternight and not worry about waking anybody up; where I can be "in the zone" and other such wonderful things. I don't want to tempt fate, but I have to say that so far it's been really great. I'll post pictures when the place is a little more put together, but for now just take my word that it's a big step in the right direction for me creatively. I feel like such a pro! Now I just have to learn to act like one.

Music-wise I have a couple more tracks in the pipeline that I think are showing promise, but I'm going to abstain from posting clips this time- I'd rather just drop the finished versions on you when they're ready. You know, more dramatic that way or something. Since it's been a while since I posted anything though, I've decided to share a slightly older track to keep the blogmentum going. This one was written for Jess for her birthday- part of it you might recognize from a clip I posted a few weeks ago. Since it was written especially for her I hadn't considered it part of my repertoire, but she gave me permission to post it, so here it is:

Untitled For Jess

More soon now that I'm getting readjusted and refocused on the task at hand. Thanks for tuning in.


Shoba said...

Hey JB-
I like your blog and I like your music. :)
Glad to hear that your new place is working out so well for you!!

Kora said...

i don't know if you go back and read new comments on previous blogs, so i'll post this here too...i think i might know someone who's got the skills... (a not so obvious hint saying : ME) :D get in touch duuude!
love you
by the way, i really like the song. it shouldnt be too hard to think of melodies that match things like that... we'll see