Thursday, April 26, 2007

A True Milestone

I'm posting a finished track. Look, I didn't even put "finished" in quotation marks! Well except just now when I was referring to it... but you know what I mean.

Of course, giving it a listen three minutes after exporting, limiting, bit-rate converting and mp3 encoding, I can barely keep myself from going back in and twiddling. Surely those drum edits need to be adjusted, right? Fuck it, maybe, but right now I'm going to try my best to serve a higher cause and actually say I completed something. It's freakin' April 26th for God sake! It's about time I got over my phobia of the word "finished." Damn, quotation marks again. Finished.

So anyway, here it is, tentatively titled:

Cache Money

You might recognize it from a clip I posted a while back. Most of what you've already heard remains unchanged, but at nearly seven minutes there's definitely something more to hear.

This track also represents an effort to overcome another personal hangup of mine- coherence. I've always worried that my songs wander too much thematically, structurally, etc. Fuck it! If what comes naturally to me happens to be somewhat amorphous, fine- I'm not Britney Spears (yet). I don't have to appeal to the pop masses. So I'll just try to do what I seem to do when I'm just going, and call it my style. Amazing how hard it's been to accept that!

Oh, and logistically speaking, I've also decided to just "ball up" and post full tracks. Evildoers beware, though- I'm now protected by my mighty Copyright statement at stage-right! Or page-right I guess. You know, over there ----------->. So think twice before you do something nasty with that MP3.

...unless it's nasty in a good way, like "nasty bassline," in which case please send it to me!

Comments and constructive criticism welcome- it's celebratory tea time for me.


Sarah said...

Not to sound all sycophantic, but most of the clips you post I end up wanting to by my "life background music."

How DOES it feel to rock the party that rocks the party?

Kyle said...

Okay I can play this game, here are some additional song titles if you're in the market: "The Translation Lookaside Buffer Zone", "Serial Port-au-Prince", "Dijkstra's AlgoRhythm", aaaand "Simulated Annealing Before God" =D

Seriously though, I'm really glad you decided to post full songs-- I dig it!

John Brian said...

Wow, you totally pwned me with the CS puns, Kyle! I reserve the right to use any of those, but I think I like the last one best =).

Trey Francisco said...
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Trey Francisco said...

Blow, unfortunately, "DJ Pandamonium" is already out there rocking pretty hard. We shall find you a better name.

Google suggests "Boutros Boutros Boutros DJ" is still available. Let me know if you would like to commence self-branding.

You could also stick with "Johnson Von Bronson", which is also available.

Sowmya said...

That sounded really good. well done.

Ryan said...

This is great! Excellent music to code to. :)

The break about 3/4 of the way through the track, where it drops down almost to nothing and then changes direction completely, felt a little abrupt -- the last quarter, while very cool in its own right, didn't feel necessarily like part of the same song. It was more like you'd segued from one song to another during a live show... which perhaps was the effect you were going for?

Anyway, nice work! I look forward to hearing more completed tracks.