Thursday, February 08, 2007

'N Stuff

I finally got the server problems worked out (which, of course, ended up being me problems- computers are never wrong), so as promised, a few clips of stuff I've been working on:

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4

The usual disclaimers apply of course: these are, for the most part, just initial sketches that I "stretched" into something longer than 20 seconds. If they seem a little repetitive at times, that's why, and of course almost everything about them is subject to change. But they give a general idea of what I'm doing... hopefully. (Oh, and world: please don't steal my brilliant ideas and turn them into your own thus achieving commercial successes beyond either of our wildest dreams. That really wouldn't be fair at all.)

Speaking of doing, I discovered a great cure for writers block (and writer's apathy) today: listening! I've been focusing so much on getting stuff cranked out that I forgot about actually listening to music that I enjoy. Seems crazy, but it happened. I was feeling really pretty stuck in some ways, not interested in working at all, but it turned out that I just needed a little infusion of real talent =). It reminds me why I used to get inspired so much at work or in the car- I was listening to music that inspired me! I'm glad I figured that out now and not eight months from now. Jeepers.

Status updates:

Productivity has been pretty low these last couple of days, but thanks to the aforementioned epiphany things are looking up. I of course have already failed to stick to my one-sample-per-day goal. I just need to force myself into the habit I guess. We'll see.

The SPCA continues to be great. I solo-socialized my first puppy yesterday, a two month old Golden Retriever / Rottie mix named Cinnamon. I don't know how they do it, but those baby dogs sure know how to turn on the charm! I'm looking forward to more tomorrow morning/afternoon, though you can only socialize one puppy (or puppies from one litter, I can't remember) per day due to restrictions aimed at keeping them healthy and away from diseases that other dogs might have. So after my excursion to ridiculouslyadorableland I'm trying to spend as much time as possible walking dogs in the medical ward as I can. Those poor guys have it pretty rough, as they're in the old kennels and away from the adoring public, so they really need attention. JB to the rescue, huh?

I also went to the Project Open Hand orientation meeting today, which lasted a whopping 18 minutes from walking in to walking out (it seemed really short so I had to check). Not that I would have preferred more- they pretty much just told us what we could do (food prep, grocery fetch, delivery, serving seniors, etc), had us fill out an "intent to volunteer" form, and sent us on our way. Apparently someone's going to call me to set up a schedule, so hopefully I can get going soon. The food prep stuff sounds fun, and their kitchen is right there on the ground floor, complete with windows so you can see it from outside, which should do well to feed my already almost overpowering sense of self worth. But first I'll have to go get a TB test. We'll see how that fairs with the 'ole ego.

Think I'll leave it at that for now. JB: out.


Sowmya said...

I love Project Open Hand! The kitchen is fun (but all that smeel of food gets me sometimes). "Grocery shopping" is fun too because there you get to see and interact with the actual "clients." Don't go there any more cos they want more commitment than I can offer at the moment =(. Puppies, blogs, project open hand, music... damn your life is good.

Kyle said...

Awesome, the first clip reminds me of The Beta Band, who I think you would like if you don't already, but maybe just the drums. And I don't understand how a TB test would affect your ego. Unless it showed that you actually had TB and then people started making jokes about JB having TB, which I can understand could be embarrassing.